All Physical Therapy patients are now required to wear masks.
This is to ensure the health and wellness of our Physical Therapy clients and staff.
Thank you for your understanding!


You don’t have to live with pain, whether it’s due to a chronic problem, an injury, or a recent persistent ache. Our physical therapists are among the most sought after in Manhattan because of their reputations and working relationships with area physicians. Please contact us if you need relief from a work or sports related injury and everything in between. Our physical therapist can help.

“[Scott] motivated me to do more than I thought possible.”

Physical Therapy Patient

“Scott’s knowledge of skeletal structure and function allows him to pinpoint the cause of the pain, and he knows what exercises and activities to recommend…I am very satisfied with my progress.”


“It was a good and wonderful opportunity receiving my physical therapy [at Maximum Performance]…they have extensive experience and good handling. I have been cured of shoulder pain…my appreciation and gratitude.”

Physical Therapy Patient

“After a few weeks of therapy, my back doesn’t hurt very often (as opposed to every day). A lot of care was taken to make sure I worked hard but did not over-work and harm myself.”


“Excellent—tailored to my personal injury. Felt they cared about me and my improvement. David and Scott are both very encouraging.”



The physical therapists at Maximum Performance offer the latest proven treatment protocols and 45-minute, one-on-one treatment sessions.

  • Specialty areas include dry needling, foot orthotics and ergonomics assessments

  • Gentle, targeted manipulation of joints and soft tissue

  • Functional training so you can get back to work and play

  • Consultation for home exercise regimens

  • Education for prevention of future injuries, healthy aging and fitness


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