"Scott Johnson, the physical therapist handling my rehabilitation, was a very positive influence and driving force in my recovery. Scott went above and beyond to ensure I was safely meeting my flexion goals, even when it seemed like I was unable."

W.L., Physical Therapy Patient

"I had a very positive experience during my recent full knee replacement rehab at M.P. The facility was clean and comfortable. There were very appropriate COVID precautions and protocol."

C.B., Physical Therapy Patient

"I have worked with Maximum Performance for over 20 years with various periodic aches and pains. Treatment has allowed me to tailor my self-guided regimen to maintain flexibility and a needed level of activity required in my daily life."

B.E.M., Physical Therapy Patient

"The PT I am seeing is super solid and knowledgeable. Diagnosis is spot on, as well as the soft tissue work, and the exercises he has me do. With a bit of luck and dedication I may be able to get rid of my back and neck issues for the duration, which is more that I hoped for."

M.K., Physical Therapy Patient

"Scott has helped me recover from numerous orthopedic surgeries over the past five years. Scott is just a really good therapist, always pleasant, attentive, and encouraging...because of the skilled therapy I have received, I can now participate in most of the activities that are meaningful to me."

A.B.S., Physical Therapy Patient

"Absolutely first rate. The entire staff is second to none. I have tried others with mixed results. Braden is the best of the bunch. [He] exceeded my expectations at every visit. Innovative, thorough and attentive to my needs, not simply a routine. Well done."

Physical Therapy Patient

"It was great. Day one when I came in I had severe pain and limited mobility in my shoulders. By my last visit I felt 100%. Travis did a great job at how and when he would increase my workout. He never pushed it too far. I had great mobility with no pain by the end of my visit."

Donna H., Physical Therapy Patient

"This organization is the best I have attended. The facilities are meticulously maintained. My injury required many months of therapy. Each appointment was focused on me and my specific needs. The facility is run by professionals who enjoy what they do, and for whom they do it."

Physical Therapy Patient

"Scott's knowledge of skeletal structure and function allows him to pinpoint the cause of the pain, and he knows what exercises and activities to recommend...I am very satisfied with my progress."

M.R., Physical Therapy Patient

"I've really enjoyed my experience at Maximum Performance...my physical therapist is fabulous! She listened to my not-so-great description of my issues and developed an exercise routine that has helped immensely. I highly recommend Maximum Performance."

M.L., Physical Therapy Patient

"I had to have rotary cuff and bicep repair surgery and had my physical therapy with Dave Brandenburg. Dave is awesome at teaching you the proper way to rehab and explaining why it needs to be done that way. I would not be where I am today with my shoulder rehab if it wasn't for Maximum Performance and Dave. Thank you."

T.B., Physical Therapy Patient

"Scott is the master of patience and humor that goes along with his exceptional physical therapy knowledge and experience...His encouragement gave me the determination to have a full and successful recovery."

S.C.M., Physical Therapy Patient

"It was a good and wonderful opportunity receiving my physical therapy [at Maximum Performance]...they have extensive experience and good handling. I have been cured of shoulder pain...my appreciation and gratitude."

Physical Therapy Patient

"I was referred to PT Travis Nichols by my doctor for knee pain. I was very pleased with the overall professionalism of the staff. They explained the SilverSneakers program and gave me a pass to try it for myself."

L.P., Physical Therapy Patient

"[Scott] motivated me to do more than I thought possible."

Physical Therapy Patient

"I fully believe their approach to health and healing is top notch. Braden was always willing to listen to all concerns and was able to address multiple issues during the course of treatment. You all rock!"

K.G.O., Physical Therapy Patient

"I feel that I have improved my mobility much more than I expected. Staff is very knowledgeable and caring. Always one-on-one with their client. I would recommend Maximum Performance to all my friends."

Mike Brown, Physical Therapy Patient

"When I came I had pain radiating down my arm, sometimes [it] was completely numb. Now, after seeing Scott, the pain is gone and, due to learning how to control posture and exercise, numbness and tingling have eased substantially."

Karen Mayse, Physical Therapy Patient

"Great service, knowledgeable staff—always encouraging you and know how to make you feel better."

Physical Therapy Patient

"The treatment was very helpful in finding relief from the chronic back pain I experienced as a result of scoliosis. Craig was very open to explaining the why's behind what he was doing, which helped me to understand and stay motivated."

Sandi K., Physical Therapy Patient

"Dave and Jayme were right on target with my shoulder issue, referring me appropriately for further treatment and then followed up to meet my goals."

B.S., Physical Therapy Patient

"Excellent—tailored to my personal injury. Felt they cared about me and my improvement. David and Scott are both very encouraging."

C.S., Physical Therapy Patient

"After a few weeks of therapy, my back doesn't hurt very often (as opposed to every day). A lot of care was taken to make sure I worked hard but did not over work and harm myself."

T.S., Physical Therapy Patient

"This was my third time for physical therapy. All of the therapy has been excellent with fantastic results. I have visited with people who have had physical therapy at other locations and then have to come to Maximum Performance and said the results here exceed those at other locations."

R.N., Physical Therapy Patient

"Scott [has] a wealth of knowledge and can explain why you are working on certain exercises to build strength and prevent injury. I highly recommend Maximum Performance for PT and sports related strengthening."

M.W., Physical Therapy Patient