Mobilize, then:

Warm-Up Flow
Three sets at a steady, controlled pace of:
12/9 Calories of Assault Bike
12 Overhead Squats (20/15 kg)
10 Ring Rows

Breathe exclusively through your nose throughout this entire portion including the rest period. If you find that your mouth drops open, you’re going too hard. Slow your pace and resume breathing only through your nose.

In 12 minutes build to today’s “heavy” Hang Clean + Jerk

Every 3 minutes, for 21 minutes (7 sets) for times of:
12 Deadlifts @ 60-70% of 1-RM C&J
9 Bar-Facing Burpees
6 Power Clean & Jerks @ 60-70% of 1-RM of 1-RM C&J

For max reps:
60 seconds of Assault Bike (for calories)
Rest 2 minutes
60 seconds of Chest-to-Bar Pull ups

NOTE SCORES, and rest until recovered before the next portion.

Every minute, on the minute, until you cannot complete the prescribed reps within the assigned minute:
Assault Bike x 30% of today’s 60 second max
Chest-to-Bar Pull-Ups x 30% of today’s 60 second max