Event 9 All Divisions Take 4 minutes to build to today’s 1-RM Clean & Jerk (you may use as much time as you would like to warm-up before starting the clock) When the running clock reaches 4:00… Event 10 All Divisions Complete rounds of 15, 12 and 9 reps for time of: Deadlift* Bar-Facing Burpees [...]

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Event 5,Rx: For time: 12 Bar Muscle-Ups 25 Kettlebell Snatches (24/16 kg) 75-Foot Handstand Walk (in 5-foot unbroken increments) 25 Kettlebell Snatches (24/16 kg) 12 Bar Muscle-Ups Intermediate: jumping bar mu (20inch box),100 foot overhead walking lunge w/45/35lb plate instead of hs walk Scaled: 12 pull-ups, 35/25lb kb snatch, 50 hr push-ups instead of hs [...]

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In House competition! There will be 11 scores events, try to finish them by Friday! Event 1 All Divisions For max load, in 3 minutes: 5 Snatches Event Rules: You only get a maximum of 6 attempts in the 3-minute window, and you must declare your weight before the clock starts – you cannot change [...]

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A. One set of: Wall Slides x 40 reps (or 2 minutes) Followed by. . . One set of: Handstand Push-Up Negatives x 5 reps @ 50A5 Followed by. . . Every minute, on the minute, for 3 minutes (3 sets) of: Box Bridged Handstand Push-Ups to 4-8″ Deficit x 6-10 reps Immediately followed by. [...]

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Holiday Schedule: There will be programming for the next two Saturdays (23rd,30th), because of closed Mondays (25th,1st), also there will be programming next Wednesday (27th), for the in house competition week! Two sets of: 400 Meter Run @ 60% pace Banded Monster Walks x 10 reps in each direction Banded Lateral Walks x 10 reps [...]

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Rear Delt Warm Up Two sets of: Incline T Raises x 10 reps @ 2121 (face down, raising straight arms at 90 degrees) Incline Y Raises x 10 reps @ 2121 (face down, raising straight arms at 45 degrees) Incline I Raises x 10 reps (face down, raising straight arms in front) Barbell Warm-Up With [...]

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At the 12:00 mark: Glute Activation Warm-Up x 30 seconds on the rack/30 seconds off the rack x 2 sets (no rest) A. Every 2:30, for 15 minutes (6 sets): Front Squat x 2 reps *Sets 1-2 @ 75% *Sets 3 @ 80% *Set 4 @ 85% *Set 5 @ 90% *Set 6 @ 95% [...]

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Two sets of: KB Windmills x 5 reps per side Goblet Squats x 10 reps KB Swings x 15 reps Waiters Carry x 50′ per side A. Every 30 seconds, for 2 minutes (4 sets) of complex: Air Chair Swing + Bar Muscle-Up x 1 rep Followed by. . . Every 30 seconds, for 3 [...]

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Don’t forget! 12 days of Christmas Wod, Saturday morning 9:00am! Hamstring Floss x 30 seconds per side Inchworm + Scap Push Up x 3 reps + Press Up x 4 reps Two sets of: Banded Good Mornings x 10 reps Banded Push-Ups x 10 reps Air Squats x 15 reps A. Three sets of: Tempo [...]

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