Mobilize, then: At Home Workout (No Equipment) For our at-home and travel workouts, please start a clock and allow it to run throughout your training session. The entire session will take 60-minutes or less, and staying accountable to the clock will allow you to maintain the appropriate intensity and stimulus. Complete as many rounds and [...]

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Mobilize, then: Warm-up: 3 sets of: 5 inch worm walk outs 10 air squats 20 line jumps (side to side) WOD Tempo running 4-6 sets of: 4 minutes of running @75% of RPE/walk or jog 2 minutes Core: 3 sets: 10 pushups with shoulder taps (each shoulder) 20 Russian twists :30 sec Superman hold

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Miss you guys already! Mobilize, then: WOD 20-18-16-14-12-10 Weighted squats (any implement) V-ups Db shoulder press (or any implement) Core 3 sets of: :45 sec side plank (each) 20 steps death march (with any implements) :45 sec hollow hold

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Mobilize, then: When the clock starts, perform… Two sets of: 60 seconds of inch worms 30 seconds of slow full air squats 30 second Side Plank (each side) 30 seconds of Reverse snow angels 60 second Wall Sit Hold Breathe exclusively through your nose throughout this entire portion. If you find that your mouth drops [...]

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We will be closed starting Today(Thursday 19th) for a period of two weeks, reassessing weekly! I will still be posting at-home workouts for you guys, hopefully this doesn’t last too long. Aaron Akin Mobilize, then: 4x12 deficit pushups (slow and controlled) *resting 1:00 between 4x10 Bulgarian split lunges or regular lunges (each leg) Resting :30 [...]

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Mobilize, then: CS activation 5 deep squat progressions Gymnastic Skills & Drills Three rounds, not for time, of: Bar Muscle-Ups x 1-4 reps Alternating Pistols x 12-14 reps Double-Unders x 50 reps (goal is to be unbroken) Clean Progressions Take 10-15 minutes to build to 225/155 Gymnastic Interval Conditioning Three rounds for times of: 20 [...]

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Mobilize, then: Mobility, Activation and Warm-Up Assault Bike x 2 minutes @ easy pace 30 seconds Prone Plank with Forward Reach (per arm) 30 seconds Prone Plank with Lateral Reach (per arm) Assault Bike x 2 minutes @ medium pace PVC Pipe Pass Thrus x 15 reps PVC Pipe Overhead Squats x 15 reps and [...]

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Mobilize, then: Dynamic Range of Motion Series: Inchworm Walk + Scap Push-Up + Press Up x 5 reps Alternating Reverse Lunge with stretch x 10 reps Alternating Lateral Lunge x 10 reps Plank Walk x 20 seconds and then … Two sets of: 2 minutes of Assault Bike @ 60-65/50-55 RPMs 10 Push-Ups Deadlift Progressions [...]

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Wednesday conditioning session: 35 min timecap 15 snatch 95/65 500 m row/400 m run/400 m ski (choose 1) 12 snatch 115/78 Row/run/ski 9 snatch 135/95 Row/run/ski 9 rope climbs 9 snatch 135/95 Row/run/ski 12 snatch 115/78 Row/run ski 15 snatch 95/65 Row/run/ski *you can mix and match row/run/ski how you like Thursday: Mobilize, then: Monster [...]

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Mobilize, then: Two sets of: Plank with Forward Reach x 10 reps per arm Plank with Lateral Reach x 10 reps per arm Prone Plank Hold x 30 seconds Ring-Rows x 10 reps (slow and controlled) Gymnastic Skills & Drills Three sets, not for time, of: 30 Second L-Sit Hold (accumulate the time) 10 Ring [...]

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