Mobilize, then:

Glute Warm-Up (Vandyke Protocol)
Banded Dead Bug Iso Hold x 2 minutes
Banded Clamshell Hold x 1 minute per side
Fire Hydrant Iso Hold x 90 seconds per side
Straight Leg Iso Raise x 1 minute per side
Forward Cross Lunge x 1 minute per side
Cross Under Lunge x 1 minute per side

and then …

Warm-Up Flow
One set of:
1,000 Meter Row or 1,500 Meter Bike Erg
100 Feet Sandbag or Odd Object Carry
Wall Slides x 15 reps (slow and controlled)

Breathe exclusively through your nose throughout this entire portion. If you find that your mouth drops open, you’re going too hard. Slow your pace and resume breathing only through your nose.

Handstand Progressions
Every minute, on the minute, for 2 minutes (2 sets) of complex:
Kick to Handstand on Wall x 3 reps + Back-To-Wall Handstand Hold x 30 seconds
*Attempt to have your feet together before making contact with the wall, and make contact with the wall as softly as possible.

Followed by. . .


3-6 strict hspu

Front Squat
Every 2 minutes, for 12 minutes (6 sets):
Front Squat x 1 rep

*Sets 1-2 = @ 80% of 1-RM
*Sets 3-4 = @ 85% of 1-RM
*Set 5 = @ 90% of 1-RM
*Sets 6 = @ 93% of 1-RM


Three rounds for time of:
400 Meter Run
21 Kettlebell Swings (overhead)
12 Pull-Ups