Mobilize, then:

2 sets of:
10 cal row
10 goblet squats
:30 sec plank with forward reach and touch

Every 3 for 15
5 front squats
Sets 1-3 @70%
Sets 4-5 @75%

B.) 8 x 1 hang clean (off blocks if possible)
*start at 65% and build to heavy

C.) 3×3 clean pull @110% of max clean

D.) for completion:
50 knee to opposite elbow in push-up plank position
25 hanging knees to chest (no swinging)
40 knee to opposite elbow
20 hanging knees to chest
30 knee to opposite elbow
15 hanging knees to chest
* note, on the knee to opp elbow, slow and squeeze, and return that foot to plank position before other one goes. It’s not like a quick mountain climber Sent from my iPhone